Great Yarmouth, Proposed Third River Crossing








The proposed Great Yarmouth Third River Crossing scheme will provide an additional route over the River Yare. This will involve the construction, operation and maintenance of a new bascule bridge.

It will provide a connection between the strategic road network (A47) and the businesses and commercial parks located on the South Denes Peninsula

In order to gain a Development Consent Order the Planning Inspectorate is required to submit a report and recommendations to the Secretary of State.

As part of this, Harrison Group were employed to carry out a supplemental site investigation, risk assessment, and waste assessment interpretative report for environmental data, in addition to a wider geotechnical site investigation.


The interpretative report builds combines the information gathered from a number of different documents.

These are prepared as part of the Environmental Statement and other design documents regarding site history and land use, groundwater and soil testing, baseline geology and hydrogeology, designation of stratigraphy and water bearing units, critical receptors, and Conceptual Model and Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessment (DQRA).

The specific tasks completed were:

  • Compilation, integration, and summarisation of historical borehole and chemistry data into a quality controlled georeferenced electronic data set
  • Gap Analysis
  • Supplemental data collection
  • Spatial analysis – data overlayed with historical and proposed land use, site zoning, spatial coverage, initial screening values, traffic light plots
  • Statistical analysis – normal probability plots, statistical summaries, assessment of probability distribution, outliers and hot-spots
  • Waste assessment and management based on WM3 waste classification, WAC analysis, and potential for pyritic soils.
  • Once completed Harrison Group was able to:

  • Produce an updated and integrated risk assessment report based on data from all site investigation phases.This reviewed and updated site conditions, development plans, and engineering design and implementation
  • Identify hot-spots and baseline environmental chemistry of different geological units and materials
  • Classify waste and assess re-use and potential material management as per the waste hierarchy – reduce, re-use, recovery and disposal.

    The work is ongoing.

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