May 25, 2015

Environmental Permitting – food processing industry

This is important information for the slaughterhouse and meat processing industries.


You may well be affected by the following information


Environmental permitting


What is environmental permitting?

  • The Environment Agency (EA) have adopted an approach to controlling pollution from specified activities
  • It is designed to produce a high level of environmental protection by reducing emissions to air, water & land
  • It is designed to optimise the efficiency of use of resources – water, energy & raw materials
  • This is implemented & enforced by the EA through Environmental Permitting

The EA’s work plan – commencing April 2015 & possibly earlier in some geographical areas – will initially involve slaughterhouses only, but, in time, the scrutiny will extend to cutting plants also – the threshold being any deboning, meat preparation or meat product production. The following details outline the production and capacity limits of plants that will be targeted by the EA and will require Environmentl Permitting to continue to operate.


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