April 26, 2021

Norfolk Constructing Excellence Awards 2021 for Harrison Group

After a year of absence due to coronavirus restrictions in 2020, the Norfolk Constructing Excellence Club (NCEC) Awards ceremony went ahead this year on 20th April as an online event.

The NCEC aims, through networking events, to bring together like-minded individuals in a relaxed, forward-thinking environment, to share ideas and best practice with opportunities for continued professional development.

With over 70 members, ranging from SMEs to national companies, a wide range of disciplines across the construction sector in Norfolk are represented. These include consultants, designers, engineers, contractors and suppliers.

Members are encouraged to take part in the yearly awards event, where advancement and success across a range of categories are recognised, reflecting current best-working practices. Sustainability, Value, Collaboration and Health & Safety are just some of the categories under the spotlight.

Harrison Group is very pleased to gain 1st place in the Innovation category, for its specific contribution to progressing the quality of 3D ground modelling of borehole information. This work, by the dedicated staff of the Data Management department, has resulted in much-improved visualisation and understanding of subsurface geotechnical and geoenvironmental trends, leading to high quality and versatile 3D ground model production, which can reduce risk and lead to potential project cost-savings.

In addition to this, Harrison Group was also awarded a 3rd place overall, reflecting the best practice to which the company aspires to achieve across all the disciplines in which it is involved. As a result of these successes, the company is now also looking forward to taking part in the national finals which will be held in the autumn of 2021.

To learn more about the NCEC Awards celebration 2021, and how to get involved, please go to: