June 13, 2022

UK Specification for Ground Investigation (third edition) – Now Available

The launch of the third edition of the UK Specification for Ground Investigation – also known as ‘Yellow Book’ – has been announced.

This latest edition of Yellow Book has been revised by an industry working-group led by the Association of Geotechnical & Geoenvironmental Specialists – AGS, and provides best practice guidance for designing and executing good-quality ground investigations that will allow clients and land developers to manage the risks and help to reduce project time and costs.

Ground investigations are an essential part of the design process for any structure and land condition assessment. They are used to validate the ground model, assess ground risk, obtain geotechnical data for design and geoenvironmental data for the assessment of the risk to human health. Yellow Book will help to protect construction professionals and clients, from unexpected ground conditions during construction. Updates in this edition take account of changes to health, safety and environmental legislation, numerous new British Standards and industry guidance.

The UK Specification for Ground Investigation is essential for all ground practitioners involved in ground investigation, including geotechnical engineers, engineering geologists, environmental scientists, instrumentation and monitoring specialists, hydrogeologists and geophysicists, as well as specialists in other disciplines involved in specific investigations.

If you want to know more about the new Yellow Book then you can join Julian Lovell, Mathew Baldwin and Stewart Jarvis, three of the main authors of the third edition, for a free webinar on 23rd June 2022 at 11am. The trio will set the context for the revision, explain the changes made and reasons behind them and provide details of how the new Specification document should be used and the major areas of change required by industry to conform to current good practice.

To register for the webinar, or to watch the replay (post-event) click HERE. This will link you through to the AGS website.