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Services offered by Harrison Group

Human Health Risk Assessment

Harrison Environmental Consulting has extensive experience in carrying out health risk assessments for a variety of chemical, mineral, radiological and microbiological agents on residential, industrial and agricultural projects.

Assessments support planning and site clean-up; waste management strategies; emergency response; industrial exposure assessments and corporate environmental policies.

Risk assessment is carried out using a range of methodologies, modelling software and regulatory schemes, including:

  • Risk Based Corrective Action (RBCA)
  • Contaminated land exposure assessment (UK)
  • Risk Assessment Guidance for Superfund (USA).

Environmental Due Diligence

Environmental due diligence audits are an essential part of industrial and property acquisitions, to reduce business risks and improve future commercial performance.

Harrison Group Environmental carries out environmental due diligence audits and strategic reviews for major industrial and commercial acquisitions in the UK for both overseas and domestic investors.

Depending on the specific audit objectives, the following are assessed:

  • Overview of site setting and history
  • Contamination issues
  • Environmental obligations
  • Resource utilisation
  • Environmental management systems.

Brownfield Land Risk Assessment

Harrison Group Environmental specialises in site-specific assessment of risks to human health and water resources on brownfield sites.

This work supports land use planning and site clean-up; waste management strategies; emergency response; industrial exposure assessments and corporate environmental policies.

We use sampling data and computer modelling to quantify the level of exposure of receptor groups to develop remediation strategies. Risk assessment is carried out using a range of methodologies, modelling software and regulatory schemes, including:

  • Contaminated land exposure assessment (CLEA) – UK
  • Assessing risks posed by hazardous ground gases to buildings (CIRIA C665)
  • Remedial targets methodology – hydrogeological risk assessment for land contamination (Environment Agency UK)
  • Risk based corrective action (RBCA)
  • Risk Assessment Guidance for Superfund (RAGS) – USA

Environmental Permitting

Compliance with applicable environmental regulations is essential to minimise business risks and maximise environmental performance. Harrison Environmental Consulting provides environmental permitting services, including environmental due diligence audits, integrated pollution prevention and control applications and waste management licensing for clients in the following sectors:

  • Chemical industry
  • Recovered paper processing
  • Vegetable processing
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Meat processing
  • Agriculture.

Services include:

  • Audits for legal compliance, due diligence, waste duty of care
  • Preparation of permit applications
  • Assessment of emissions and impacts
  • Negotiation with regulators
  • Waste minimisation programmes
  • Water efficiency audits
  • Interpretation and application of EHS legislation.
  • Noise and vibration assessments
  • Management systems (combined EHS system; ISO14001, EMAS)
  • Management and staff training in practical implementation of EHS systems

Air Quality

Harrison Environmental Consulting offers a wide range of air quality monitoring, assessment and management services for planning and environmental permit applications.

We have designed and implemented air monitoring programmes and impact assessments for industrial facilities, commercial developments, infrastructure schemes, remediation projects and agricultural facilities.

Services include:

  • Emission and dispersion modelling
  • Air quality impact assessment of traffic
  • Indoor air quality monitoring and assessment
  • Ambient air monitoring for planning applications and construction sites.

Waste Management

Effective and efficient waste management is essential to business success and environmental sustainability. It may also be a planning requirement and be needed to achieve credits for sustainability certification schemes such as BREEAM.

Most importantly, effective waste management can deliver commercial benefits by reducing material costs, waste disposal fees and taking advantage of energy recovery and reduction.

Harrison offers a number of waste management services:

  • Site waste management plans for construction and BREEAM
  • Waste characterisation for assessing disposal, re-use and recycling
  • Waste minimisation audits for facility management and environmental permits
  • Waste management licences and exemptions

Ground Gas/Water Monitoring

Harrison Group designs and installs ground gas and groundwater monitoring regimes, using wells constructed of uPVC, HDPE or stainless steel, depending upon the application.

Groundwater monitoring wells are generally installed to:

  • Obtain samples for analysis
  • Carry out in-situ tests
  • Measure groundwater levels
  • Enable pumping tests
  • Measure infiltration rates and recharge time.

Similarly gas monitoring wells are generally installed in order to:

  • Obtain samples foranalysis
  • Measure in-situ levels of ground gas including, methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulphide gas
  • Measure gas flow.

Contaminated Land Assessment

The assessment and regeneration of contaminated land is critical to land use planning and environmental protection objectives. Harrison Group offers a comprehensive service for the investigation, assessment and remediation of contaminated land in the UK and overseas.

Phase one: Desk studies

Desk studies are crucial in identifying potential hazards such as mining, landfill operations, nearby pollution incidents, naturally occurring radon gas and potentially contaminating land use. They also help to understand the wider environmental setting of the site so that potential receptors to contamination, such as groundwater, are identified.

Phase two: Contaminated land investigations

The information gathered during the desk study is used to design the intrusive investigation of potential issues, to further assess risk (based upon in-situ and field testing) and to develop remediation strategies, if required.

Geotechnical Consultancy

Harrison offers consultancy services alongside factual reporting, and has expertise in most aspects of geotechnics. The company has developed a sophisticated data management system and uses the latest analytical and design software.


  •  Site pre-acquisition due diligence
  • Design, specification and supervision of geotechnical investigations
  • Data analysis and geotechnical design reports
  • Design of shallow and piled foundations, deep excavations, retaining systems, ground improvement and earthworks
  • Geotechnical failure investigation

Hydrogeological Assessments

Hydrogeological assessments assessments identify the distribution, movement and quality of groundwater, so that risks can be properly identified, conceptual models built and any remedial actions designed and implemented.


Assessments are carried out for site owners, developers, regulators and consultants and cover:

  • Water abstraction
  • Drainage
  • Flooding
  • Contaminated land surveys
  • Groundwater control during construction

Harrison Group can also design and undertake hydrogeological investigations, installing monitoring wells and taking samples for chemical analysis.